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One of the Season’s Best (and Unique) Vacation Destinations Features Custom Nordic Spa

When planning a wintertime get-away or vacation, most people usually think warm. Cruise to the Bahamas? Weekend in Vegas? Trip to the Florida Keys? While they’re all certainly fine options, you might want to consider something a little different this holiday season. A recent piece from the women’s lifestyle and news source highlighted Stockholm, Sweden as a less thought of and unique alternative.

It just so happens that the luxurious establishment they recommend staying at, The Grand Hotel Stockholm, features authentic Nordic products, from a high quality spa to hot tubs and saunas. it has everything you need to relax and although 21 million households have a pool, spa, or sauna of their own (as of spring 2014) these you can enjoy in the serene, yet festive backdrop Stockholm provides.

One of the biggest and most famous attractions for this time of year is the 130-foot tall Christmas tree that’s set up on the Skeppsbron waterfront. The mammoth tree has 5,000 lights and is complemented by the fact that almost all of the surrounding residences keep Advent candles in their windows.

Spending winter in Stockholm generally means not having to deal with massive amounts of snow, too. Certainly anything is possible when it comes to weather, but usually they get little, if any, and the temperature tends to hover around cold, but not unbearably freezing. In other words, great winter coat, boots, and snuggling weather, but not venturing into a frozen tundra.

Not only is The Grand Hotel Stockholm ideally located on the waterfront, but it features 300 classy, sophisticated rooms at relatively affordable prices. According to the hotel’s site, the going rate for a weekend stay for two in their top-of-the-line “Lap of Luxury” package was about $228 a night at the time of this writing.

The Spegelsalen (Hall of Mirrors), a glittering ballroom from 1899, and the Vinterträdgården (Winter Garden) are some of the truly unique aspects to check out during your stay. The hot tub and spa are also famous favorites for those that frequent.

Their Nordic Spa with a subterranean pool is one of the cooler amenities you’ll find in a hotel and can even help improve your longevity. One study of Finnish men over the course of 20 years found that frequent sauna baths may help you live longer. A well-constructed hot tub can last over 18 years. It’s unclear how long they’ve been there, but some of the rooms even have personal whirlpool hot tubs to provide for a quieter and more intimate setting.