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health benefits of a spa

4 Ways to Make Sure You’re Perfectly Relaxed When You Use a Hot Tub in the Winter

When winter weather hits, we are often prone to cracked or chapped skin, sicknesses, and simply becoming chilled more easily. Instead of suffering through the freezing cold, picture yourself climbing into a hot tub this winter with the addition of a high quality spa in your own home.

Lounging in a hot tub isn’t just a leisure activity, though. There are a number of health benefits of a spa that will leave you feeling great on the inside and out. Here are some things to know before climbing into the warm water this winter.

  1. Wear a hat. Yes, you heard that right. Although you might feel silly sitting in the water with a hat on, it makes sense; the majority of your body heat escapes through your head. As your head will likely be the only part of your body above water, it’s important to keep it warm.
  2. Load on the lotion. It’s the cold air that dries out our skin, so exposure to the cold air can certainly be uncomfortable. When you slip into the hot tub, your pores will open up from the hot water, which may be painful. By keeping the skin moisturized, you’ll want to spend much more time in your home spa. Make sure to slather on some lotion when you come out of the water, when your skin is still a bit damp.
  3. Don’t step outside in bare feet. You wouldn’t normally forfeit shoes in the cold, so why would you now? Even if your hot tub isn’t far from your doorway, keeping your feet covered will protect your feet from sticking to any ice after you get out of the hot tub, provide traction for you so you don’t slip, and also keep any dirt and debris from getting into the water when you get in.
  4. Make yourself a hot drink. Warm up your insides and your outsides with a cup of your favorite beverage. If you’re feeling under the weather, tea and a dip in the hot tub is a winning combination to soothe sore throats and aching muscles, and help sweat out any toxins that are making you unwell. A 20-year study even shows that using hot tubs can help you live longer!

    The health benefits of a spa also include mental health. Gentle jets and bubbles as well as a warm, relaxing sensation will clear your head and put you in a better mood.

Winters can be tough, and everyone deserves to be comfortable and relaxed during this time. If you’re interested in adding a hot tub or sauna to your home, call Clearwater Spas.