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3 Important Spa Maintenance Tips to Remember

spa maintenance tipsHomeowners enjoy spending time in their homes so much more if there is a nice spa waiting for them when they get home from work everyday. As of spring 2014, roughly 21 million U.S. households had a spa, pool, or hot tub somewhere on the property. Taking care of these instruments of relaxation, however, can be extremely difficult.

Neglecting your spa or hot tub is the easiest way to ruin them. Just because you purchase a quality spa doesn’t mean it’s going to remain fully functioning if its being constantly used. Make sure that you are using your spa properly as well as taking excellent care of it. Get all the essential repairs done if needed and have a professional take a look at your spa if you’re not sure about whether or not to seek further assistance.

Here are some important spa maintenance tips to consider if you recently bought, or are planning on buying, a spa or hot tub.

Regularly Clean Your Spa

The best way to clean your spa is to soak it with sparkling clean water and use a mild, non-abrasive, non-subduing cleaner to remove any existing dirt. A little baking soda can also help clean all the smaller corners and surface areas in your spa. If you wait too long in between cleans, your spa will need much more than some detergent and water to be effectively cleaned. Make sure you’re cleaning your entire spa at least once every few weeks to keep it looking nice and fresh.

Work With a Spa Maintenance Company

There are professional companies that can provide maintenance for your spa or hot tub as well as general repair and maintenance advice. Clearwater Spa, for example, has a full service department that can help with both repairs and can offer you exceptional hot tub and spa maintenance tips.

Replace Your Filters and Water

You should drain and refill your spa every once in a while, especially once dirt starts accumulating or too much soap and detergent starts to show. You should replace your filters are least once every year to ensure everything is working properly.

If you want to learn more about spa maintenance tips or check out some spas for sale, contact Clearwater Spas today.