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3 Ways to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean and Safe for Use

Hot tubs are an extremely popular addition to many homes. In fact, in the spring of 2014 at least 21 million homes were equipped with a hot tub, a spa, or a pool. Homeowners tend to open the hot tub for guests that come over to their house, so obviously, there will be a number of people in the tub over a period of time.

Since hot tubs are used for social use, health issue resolutions, and relaxation, it’s important to keep the water perfectly clean. If you’re looking into some caldera hot tubs for sale, but the fear of having to keep the water clean at all times is preventing you from making a purchase, I have some news for you.

Cleaning your hot tub doesn’t have to be extremely difficult. It’s actually surprisingly easy. Don’t believe it? Here are some things you can do to keep your water crisp and clear for use.

Change Your Water
It is recommended that you change your water every 90 days. Even if you use a cleaner or cleanser to treat your water, there’s no amount of protective liquids to fully protect your water. The cleansers might help to fight the chemical buildup, but they can’t keep your water from becoming old and dirty.

Clean the Tub Itself
Not only do you have to worry about cleaning the water, you have to make sure the tub itself is clean as well. To prevent the infamous scum ring, you can use cleansers to prevent buildup. However, sometimes you’re too late and the ring appears. In order to get rid of that, drain the water, and then take a spa surface cleaner, along with a gentle sponge that won’t scratch the tub material, and scrub the ring away.

Don’t Forget About the Cover
If you own any caldera hot tubs, it’s extremely important to clean the cover along with the rest of the tub. Use a cover cleaning product at least one time per month. If you can, try and find one that has UV protection. This will prevent the cover from fading from the sun.

If you are looking at caldera hot tubs for sale, but are skeptical due to the cleaning process, fear no more! The cleaning process is easy and as long as you keep up with making sure everything is spotless and clear, you can start taking looking at caldera hot tubs for sale more seriously.

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