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3 Features You Need to Transform Your Backyard into a Relaxation Resort

Nothing is more representative of the American dream than the backyard: the pinnacle of recreation and relaxation. But while many families have done their best to maximize the recreational value of their outdoor space, many have overlooked the relaxation aspect.

While it certainly takes time and effort to transform your backyard into your relaxation paradise, it is easier than many people think. In order to help prove that, we wrote this quick blog to help you understand how to get started.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking to create your relaxation station is ambiance. Harsh light, loud noises, clutter, and frequent interruptions can end your self-care before it begins.

Either choose a spot in your backyard where there is some privacy or create some by building a small enclosure. This can be as simple as setting up a small tent or as lavish as building a permanent structure dedicated to your rest.

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular tools for relaxation on the market today. Between candles, incense, and oils, there are any number of options for you to choose from. That being said, we encourage you to take advantage of the fact that you are outdoors and plant an herb garden with aromatic plants. That way, you can create your own aromatherapy treatments.

Perhaps the most important consideration is your comfort. Whether you enjoy plush lawn furniture or the soft feel of grass under you, it is important to optimize your comfort level in your at-home relaxation center.

In the spirit of the outdoor theme, you should also consider a hot tub or spa. Offering the premier relaxation experience, a high quality spa is a must-have for transforming your lawn into your private relaxation oasis.

Additionally, high quality hot tubs, like Caldera hot tubs, have numerous medical benefits. In fact, a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people with type 2 diabetes that soak in hot water 30 minutes a day, six days a week, have an easier time maintaining their plasma sugar levels and weight.

By incorporating small touches like Caldera hot tubs and fragrant herb gardens, you can help to make your own backyard your dream relaxation getaway.


The Culture of Saunas Around the World: Part 2

Americans love using hot tubs and saunas to relax. In fact, as of spring 2014, a full 21 million U.S. households owned a spa, pool, or hot tub. This leisure activity is a great past time, but what many Americans may not know is that the sauna has a very rich history in many cultures around the world.

In our previous post, we described the difference between the Russian bayna, the Japanese onsen, and the Finnish sauna. Here we explain some examples of bathhouse culture from around the world!

Turkish hammam
The Turkish hammam has roots in the Ancient Roman and Byzantine bath culture, which emphasized having places of extreme cleanliness, according to BBC. The idea of visiting a Turkish hammam is to cleanse the soul inside and out, while also serving as a great venue for celebrating major life events such as weddings or births. Hammams have been in Turkish culture since 600 A.D. and are still popular today as a gathering place for people of all ages. Areas of the spa are separated into male and female, and the hammam is popular for a rough body scrub that cleanses the entire body.

Korean jimjilbang
What’s interesting about the jimjilbang is that they are always open 24 hours a day, so they serve as a place of lodging for travelers overnight. They are usually large spas full of steam rooms, charcoal-heated saunas, and hot tubs. Professionals at the jimjilbangs also use a variety of different materials in their spa practices such as jade stones, milk, and baked clay that draw in tourists from all over the world.

Native American sweat lodge
Native American sweat lodges are important gathering places for all different tribes around the nation. They have been around since the early 1600s, and the idea is quite simple: to sweat out impurities. A pile of heated rocks sits in the center of a domed tent, and participants take turns pouring water on them while a sweat leader leads the group in song and offers up sacrifices to the gods. Most sweat lodges have multiple 30-minute sweat sessions, with breatk periods to drink water and go outside.

As one can see, saunas are quite diverse around the world, but they all have one theme — they bring people together! If you would like to have your own sauna to reap all these wonderful benefits, call our experts today.

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The Culture of Saunas Around the World: Part 1

For hundreds of years, spas and saunas have been used as a leisure activity for cultures all over the world. These are long-standing cultural traditions that have been enjoyed for years and are the inspiration behind our modern day hot tubs. Here’s a brief guide to the different spa practices that have been enjoyed around the world.

Russian banya
The Russian banya is an old-fashioned bathhouse that was used as a social activity for people of all ages. Russian peasants would use the banyas as a place to wash every day, while the upper class enjoyed private banyas. Visiting a banya was seen as a spiritual experience and the entire town would go on a Sunday, a tradition that is still practiced in Russia today. They even believe each banya had their own spirit, named Bannik, who would hide under the bathhouse benches and throw hot water and hot stones at people who were disrespectful and disobeyed the rules to the house.

Japanese onsen
These are natural hot springs formed by the country’s volcanic activity. Japanese people practice soaking in these hot springs by a means of rejuvenation, healing, and to channel their spirituality. Legends show that these spas were formed by Buddist monks back around the 500s, and these spas are among some of the oldest in the entire world.

Finnish sauna
The Fins love saunas as a leisure activity and boast almost 2,000 in their small Nordic country alone. Sauna is actually a Finnish word, which means hot steam bath, and the saunas in Finland are small wooden structures with a cluster of hot stones. Steam is created by pouring water over these stones, and it is a tradition to stay in the sauna until you’re nice and hot, then roll around in the snow as a way to cool down. These sauna practices have actually been so beneficial that a study of Finnish men over the course of 20 years suggest that frequent sauna baths may help you live longer.

Interested in learning more about spas around the world? Keep an eye out for our next blog post!

Whirlpool Whoppers: 3 Hot Tub Myths, Debunked

hot tubFor many homeowners, high quality hot tubs can provide some much-needed relaxation and a way to better appreciate their living space. But there are actually a lot of jacuzzi myths that continue to swirl around, which sometimes discourage people from getting a tub of their own. Whether you think that hot tub maintenance is a chore or that you won’t get enough use out of a spa system, we’re here to set the record straight on these misconceptions.

MYTH: You can’t use a whirlpool in winter

Reality: You can use your jacuzzi all year round! These days, these tubs are extremely well-insulated, which means that you won’t have to limit your use. Best of all, it won’t cost you much to do so: even huge tubs cost only $20 to $30 a month to operate, regardless of the season. It’s a wonderful way to escape the cold weather (until you have to get out, that is).

MYTH: They aren’t sanitary

Reality: Some people are under the impression that jacuzzis are unsanitary. While it’s probably a good idea to use a discerning eye and nose when using a public tub, your own will likely be a lot more sanitary than even your pool! That’s because the filtration systems used in sauna tubs are comparable in size to those in pools but cycle through a lesser amount of water. As long as you’re using the proper products to sanitize and cover your tub with a cover, you’ll never have to worry about whether it’s okay to take a dip.

MYTH: The more jets, the better

Reality: In this case, less may be more. When you fit a really high number of jets in a hot tub, they have to be smaller and therefore may not be as effective. They may even cause discomfort! Rather than wanting 50 or 100 jets in your tub, you should pay closer attention to placement. They should target those key areas that are most prone to stress. You should also pay attention to the size and type of jet (pulsating, massaging, etc.), rather than sheer number.

If you’re looking for a great feature for an outdoor living space, Clearwater Spas can provide the perfect solution. For more information on our products and how they can help you enjoy your home even more, contact us today.

3 Important Spa Maintenance Tips to Remember

spa maintenance tipsHomeowners enjoy spending time in their homes so much more if there is a nice spa waiting for them when they get home from work everyday. As of spring 2014, roughly 21 million U.S. households had a spa, pool, or hot tub somewhere on the property. Taking care of these instruments of relaxation, however, can be extremely difficult.

Neglecting your spa or hot tub is the easiest way to ruin them. Just because you purchase a quality spa doesn’t mean it’s going to remain fully functioning if its being constantly used. Make sure that you are using your spa properly as well as taking excellent care of it. Get all the essential repairs done if needed and have a professional take a look at your spa if you’re not sure about whether or not to seek further assistance.

Here are some important spa maintenance tips to consider if you recently bought, or are planning on buying, a spa or hot tub.

Regularly Clean Your Spa

The best way to clean your spa is to soak it with sparkling clean water and use a mild, non-abrasive, non-subduing cleaner to remove any existing dirt. A little baking soda can also help clean all the smaller corners and surface areas in your spa. If you wait too long in between cleans, your spa will need much more than some detergent and water to be effectively cleaned. Make sure you’re cleaning your entire spa at least once every few weeks to keep it looking nice and fresh.

Work With a Spa Maintenance Company

There are professional companies that can provide maintenance for your spa or hot tub as well as general repair and maintenance advice. Clearwater Spa, for example, has a full service department that can help with both repairs and can offer you exceptional hot tub and spa maintenance tips.

Replace Your Filters and Water

You should drain and refill your spa every once in a while, especially once dirt starts accumulating or too much soap and detergent starts to show. You should replace your filters are least once every year to ensure everything is working properly.

If you want to learn more about spa maintenance tips or check out some spas for sale, contact Clearwater Spas today.

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2 Great Ideas to Improve Your Home Through Relaxation and Fun

Owning a home can be great but too many people fall into the boring monotony associated with homeownership. Rather than keep your home the same for decades and decades, how about improving it a little bit? One of the best parts of owning property is that it’s yours do customize and do what you please. If you want to build various additions that increase its value, go for it. If you are sick of looking at a particular wall in your house, tear it down. And if you want to buy something that will improve the look and feel of your property, by all means, buy it!

It’s time to treat yourself and your family with a great new addition to your home. Here are a few items that can be great additions to your property this year.

High Quality Hot Tub or Spa
Imagine the look on your husband or wife’s face when they come home and see a beautiful hot tub or spa waiting for them. There is nothing more relaxing that relaxing in a hot tub and spa after a rough week of work. A well-constructed hot tub can provide you and your family with a relaxing spot for 18 or more years. These relaxation products might seem expensive at first, but if you’re serious about improving your home and really want to go through with it, you can easily save your cash and find some quality hot tub or spas for sale that your entire family will enjoy.

Game Room Classics
If you have kids, you want to keep them entertained inside your home but you don’t want them wasting their lives away staring at the television screen, computer screen, or their cell phones. Purchasing some classic game room products and designating a specific room or area of your home as the game room can ensure that they’ll have plenty of fun without relying on technology. Save up some cash each month and think about getting a pool table, Ping-Pong table, dartboard, and a few other classic games to give your kids (and everyone else) and fun place to play.

Don’t just be one of those boring families that everyone makes fun of. You already have a nice home, now it’s time to improve it. Consider getting a nice hot tub for relaxation purposes and a few fun games for the kids to enjoy.

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A Brief History of the Spa Around the World

It is no secret that we all love to relax, and what better way is there to partake in a leisure activity by going to a hot tub or spa? These spas, saunas and hot tubs offer many health benefits and have been around for years. Have you ever wondered about the history of the spa, and who came up with this wonderful idea? Read on to find out.

Ancient Greeks
It was a long-held Greek belief that bathing in hot water was a great treatment for a whole host of sicknesses. The Greeks chose to bath in freshwater, such as in lake, streams, or in public baths with a freshwater source. In general, these public baths were limited only to the wealthy and were considered sacred places dedicated to multiple Greek gods.

Baths really grew after the Greek physician Hippocrates had his way with things — he believed that disease was caused by an imbalance of bodily fluids and this imbalance could only be mended by taking a bath or being massaged.

The Dark and Middle Ages
Once Christianity took over Europe in the late 400s, bathing was deemed improper and prohibited. Prayer was said to be more important than a bath, so this leisure activity was banned all across the continent in an attempt to make the people more pious. Baths only rose in popularity in the 13th century, most particularly in Southern Europe, due to the influence of the Moors.

The Renaissance
Like the Dark Ages, the idea of bathing decreased around the 16th century because these spas simply required a lot of raw materials to run. Plus, the waters were said to hold contagious diseases such as syphilis, the Bubonic plague, and leprosy, so many stayed far, far away. Only the wealthy could afford this luxury, mostly the Italians and those in the Nordic Countries.

Modern Times
With the rise of medicinal technology, more and more researchers went back to natural mineral water baths to study their health benefits, and many researchers found ways to improve existing medications with these beneficial properties. These innovations turned this leisure activity to one that now can bring a whole host of health benefits, bringing the best of both worlds to bathers all over.

So it turns out that the Greeks were right in their belief that spas were great for our health– in a study of Finnish men over the course of 20 years, researchers found that frequent sauna baths may help you live longer. Don’t wait any longer, and call us today to bring a wonderful sauna into the comforts of your own home!

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Improve Your Home With These 3 Great Tips

Improving your home is a great way is a great way to impress both your guests and yourself. No one likes to live in the same boring home that it was 20 years ago when it was first purchased. After a few years or so, once you save up enough money, have enough time, and have some ideas, you should start adding some cool new items to your home.

Nice additions can increase the overall value of your property, they’ll impress anyone who enters your home, and you’ll even find practical uses for the majority of household projects. Here are some of the most popular home additions that will greatly improve your mood and your house.

Your Own Sports Bar Room

Everyone loves going to a nice quiet bar with only a few of your pals, but that’s rarely the case. Usually there are hundreds of people crowding the bar, it’s too loud inside, and you can never watch whatever game you actually want to watch on T.V. By working a little bit on some home construction, and installing a nice bar room of your own, you can create the perfect bar for you and your family and friends to enjoy whenever you want. You won’t be making money off your bar, but that’s not the point at all. Encourage your friends to bring over some drinks of their own and you can all just have fun together in a safe environment, with whatever you want playing on T.V.

Green Room

Another relaxing and peaceful addition to any home is a green room. These rooms can be used for gardening, which is a great hobby to get into because of how relaxed and productive you will feel after planting for a few hours. If you really want to impress any guest you have in your home, take them on a quick tour through your indoor garden and watch their eyes light up.

Hot Tub

Having hot tubs, spas, or saunas in your home should be just about every homeowner’s dream. Work, life, and family issues can certainly emotionally drain even the most stable of people, so just letting go and relaxing in a nice hot tub every once in a while can truly make a difference in your life.

As of spring 2014, roughly 21 million U.S. households owned at least one of these relaxation items. Contact Clearwater Spas if you’re looking for saunas for sale or any other relaxation amenity today.

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Why Use Nordic Spas? 3 Important Health Benefits

Having a hot tub or spa on your property can really transform your home. These additions will not only improve your home’s value, significantly, but will also provide you and your family with a relaxation safe haven that is unmatched. And when it comes to home spas, Nordic hot tubs for sale are unmatched in quality and reputation.

Nordic products are truly some of the most relaxing items you could ever imagine enjoying in the comfort of your own home. Even better, these Nordic hot tubs aren’t just relaxing, they’re good for your overall wellbeing. Here are a few added benefits of having Nordic products in your home.

A Healthier Leisure Activity
Having healthy and positive ways to spend your downtime is an easy way to improve your physical health. So many people indulge in unhealthy habits when they’re not working, like drinking, going on a fried food binge, or watching TV all weekend long. Resting in spas or hot tubs will both flush out unwanted toxins in your body and increase blood circulation, further relaxing your mind and body. Nordic products are even known to release endorphins that are commonly known as “happy hormones.”

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Skin
Using your spa as a hydrotherapy session will clean and tighten your skin, giving you that healthy and youthful look that you’ve been searching for. Because the water temperatures reach such high levels, your body’s pores will be easily opened and those unwanted toxins will be removed. At the same time, the colder air above the water gives your skin a firm feel.

Improve and Stimulate Your Immune System
Even taking a dip into a spa for a few minutes can greatly improve your immune system. The drastic temperature change from jumping into warm water and back out into cold air can cause your blood vessels to contract and briefly increase blood pressure and heart rate. This rapid jolt actually promotes the production of white blood cells, which gives your body an energy boost and provides you with an invigorating feeling.

Keep in mind that the final resting place for any spa or hot tub should be at least 10 feet away from any power lines, and roughly six feet away from the sub panel. Otherwise, your soothing hydrotherapy session could turn into an electroshock therapy session instead.

Don’t let the stresses of your daily life stay with you when you’re on your down time. Rather than going out to the bar and engaging in unhealthy activities, enjoy some peaceful and relaxing time in a Nordic spa while simultaneously improving your quality of life.

Contact Clearwater Spas today to learn more.

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4 Ways to Make Sure You’re Perfectly Relaxed When You Use a Hot Tub in the Winter

When winter weather hits, we are often prone to cracked or chapped skin, sicknesses, and simply becoming chilled more easily. Instead of suffering through the freezing cold, picture yourself climbing into a hot tub this winter with the addition of a high quality spa in your own home.

Lounging in a hot tub isn’t just a leisure activity, though. There are a number of health benefits of a spa that will leave you feeling great on the inside and out. Here are some things to know before climbing into the warm water this winter.

  1. Wear a hat. Yes, you heard that right. Although you might feel silly sitting in the water with a hat on, it makes sense; the majority of your body heat escapes through your head. As your head will likely be the only part of your body above water, it’s important to keep it warm.
  2. Load on the lotion. It’s the cold air that dries out our skin, so exposure to the cold air can certainly be uncomfortable. When you slip into the hot tub, your pores will open up from the hot water, which may be painful. By keeping the skin moisturized, you’ll want to spend much more time in your home spa. Make sure to slather on some lotion when you come out of the water, when your skin is still a bit damp.
  3. Don’t step outside in bare feet. You wouldn’t normally forfeit shoes in the cold, so why would you now? Even if your hot tub isn’t far from your doorway, keeping your feet covered will protect your feet from sticking to any ice after you get out of the hot tub, provide traction for you so you don’t slip, and also keep any dirt and debris from getting into the water when you get in.
  4. Make yourself a hot drink. Warm up your insides and your outsides with a cup of your favorite beverage. If you’re feeling under the weather, tea and a dip in the hot tub is a winning combination to soothe sore throats and aching muscles, and help sweat out any toxins that are making you unwell. A 20-year study even shows that using hot tubs can help you live longer!

    The health benefits of a spa also include mental health. Gentle jets and bubbles as well as a warm, relaxing sensation will clear your head and put you in a better mood.

Winters can be tough, and everyone deserves to be comfortable and relaxed during this time. If you’re interested in adding a hot tub or sauna to your home, call Clearwater Spas.