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Caldera: Circuit Therapy more enjoyable than Gym Circuit Exercise

Caldera made circuit therapy famous with its design intent on covering the various areas of the body that need focused attention. Take a circuit in your Caldera hot tub and you’ll get a full body workout without the sweat and without the post-workout pain.

Caldera: Good for your Health

The Cantabria, shown here, has 6 different therapy seats so everyone in the family can get the benefits they need. We have one these in our showroom filled with water so you can see how it works.

Family: That’s what a hot tub is all about

Family time makes the hot tub a vital part of a warm lifestyle to increase family connection. Sharing stories and being together.

High blood pressure responds to hot water soaking

Here is another finding by Dr. Bruce Becker showing how blood pressure might react to hydrotherapy.