Getting Started with the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System

Congratulations on choosing the famous ACE Salt System. Our customers are loving it.

  • A more natural solution to keeping your water clean and healthy
  • Softer water is easier on your skin
  • A fresher smell
  • Health benefits of salt
  • And plenty of peace of mind

Here are some videos to get you started. Take a few minutes (none of these are long) and get started with learning about your new ACE Salt System for a faster orientation when it arrives.

ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System – Hot Spring Spas (4:38)

ACE Start Up – User Overview & Salt test (10:28)

Filling your hot tub with water (3:21)

How to Clean the ACE Salt Water System Cell (0:44)

Flashing “Ready Light” (1:42)

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