Help! My hot tub is foamy!


While a foamy tub isn’t necessarily dangerous, it is unsettling to see foam rising from water that you would like to see clear and sparkling.

One caveat. Salt water sanitizers create foam and cloudy water as part of their process. If you have a salt system, expect to see some foam when your hot tub jets are running. However, Mt. Rushmore in suds is a reason to be a bit concerned.

Where does foam come from?

  1. Detergent residue in swimsuits from laundering can cause foam. Use designated “rinsed-only” swim apparel in your hot tub.
  2. Lotions and deodorants could also be a problem. An outside shower for rinsing off before entering the hot tub is a good idea.
  3. Check your calcium hardness. A low calcium hardness level will make your water more suds-prone.

The solution?

Use an anti-foam agent, available where you purchase your hot tub chemicals. However, instead of adding the agent directly to your tub, fill a spray bottle with water and add some of the anti-foam agent. Turn your hot tub jets on until suds form, then mist the suds. Instantly, you should see the suds disappear.

Use as little of the anti-foam mixture as possible. Often 2 squirts will be enough. Anti-foaming agents can leave your water cloudy, so use sparingly.

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