How to Enjoy Your Sauna


Original Sauna from Finland – The Sauna Country

IF YOU ARE TAKING A SAUNA FOR THE FIRST TIME Don’t think you are in for an ordeal. You will find that the sauna is a wonderful place where you can shed your troubles, aches and pains, just as you shed your clothes.

YOU START IN THE HOT ROOM – sitting up or lying down on a bench which can be sponged down with cold water if you desire more comfort. Then simply RELAX. The true value of SAUNA is its ability to relax both your mind and body.

YOU SHOULD NOT STAY IN THE HOT ROOM TOO LONG THE FIRST TIME Sauna veterans take about fifteen minutes, but newcomers should take a cooling off period after every five minutes or so. Relax in the dressing room for a little while, read, lie down and you will enjoy the effects all the more.

NEVER “SMOKE” IN THE HOT ROOM The main rule is – take a cooling off period whilst you still feel comfortable in the hot room, not when you feel that you NEED to come out.


take a warm shower and you will be surprised how your skin rids itself of all the dirt or make-up that has accumulated in your pores. As a matter of fact, it will take only a few visits to the sauna to get your pores thoroughly clean.

AFTER THE SHOWER, you may want to take another session or two in the hot room. After the last session you will feel like another shower which should be cool enough to close your pores.

THE SAUNA ACTIVATES YOUR CIRCULATION – whilst limbering up your muscles and relieving ache and pains. Lots of people seem to find relief from sinus trouble as well. You do lose weight – but if you want to keep the loss, you should not drink nor eat for a couple of hours after the bath – and then eat normally.

THE SAUNA WILL NOT HARM ANY PERSON WHO IS IN NORMAL HEALTH. However, if you suffer from acute heart trouble or any ailment where exercise might be unwise, take the precaution of consulting your doctor.

THE SAUNA IS A FINE, NATURAL WAY TO KEEP YOUR SYSTEM TONED UP. Many doctors confirm this. It keeps your muscles supple and eliminate body poisons through perspiration.

IN FINLAND WHERE THE SAUNA ORIGINATES, everyone from babies to grandfathers take a sauna at least once a week. Athletes consider it a must while training or competing. There are more than a million saunas in Finland for a population of five million, and five millions Finns can’t be wrong.

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