I’m Short! What can I do to enjoy my hot tub more?

littlegirlBeing vertically challenged can present a problem for hot tub owners. It seems like most hot tubs are made for people over 5’6”. Fortunately, if you are 5′ tall or less, there are some things you can do to make sure you get to enjoy your hot tub as much as your lanky spouse or kids. Here are a few:

Test soak your hot tub before you buy it, if possible.

Even if you can’t test the exact same model, ask your dealer for a hot tub with a similar layout. That will give you an idea of what your prospective hot tub is like with water in it.

Find a model that is more your size.

There are some models that have shorter lounges and that don’t sit quite so deep. For example, the HotSpring Jetsetter and the Caldera Martinique are more suitable in this area. There are hot tubs as low as 29 inches with seats to match. At the same time, your taller counterpart will still enjoy the warm water therapy.

Use a spa brick to prop you up higher.

There are inexpensive booster seats that will raise you up higher. These are also great for kids.

Go for a model without a lounge.

Lying back might seem like it’s more relaxing, but those jets spray upward and will lift a small person out of the seat. Sitting upright is just as comfortable and will give you a more rooted feeling. The Caldera Geneva and Niagara have great seats with a foot ridge that will keep you grounded so you can relax.

Visit our showroom in New Castle, Delaware, and sit in more than 20 models. That’s the only way to know for sure.

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