Mineral Ions: What’s in that blue cartridge anyway?




Silver ionizers release small amounts of silver into the hot tub water. The silver ions act as a bacteriastat, killing bacteria in the water. Ionizers require chlorine or bromine sanitizer for daily sanitation and a supplemental Shock oxidizer to “burn” up the organic waste.



The ionizer is usually installed into the hot tub’s shell with a frog system. This frog system is on most HotSpring and Caldera brand hot tubs.

The silver ions kill bacteria more slowly than is needed for complete sanitation and should not be used as a standalone device for sanitation. But used along with a low level of chlorine or bromine, this system can provide adequate sanitation.

Organic waste enters the pool or spa continuously from the environment or bathers. A large amount of the load on a chlorinated system is from organic waste. Since ionizers do not remove this organic material, it is necessary to shock the pool or spa regularly to “burn” the dead bacteria and other organics.

Your blue mineral cartridge will last about 4 months and then should be replaced.

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