Pearl Hot Tub Watercare: Getting Started

2xbottles Pearl™ Watercare is a great choice for keeping your hot tub surfaces clean and clear. Your Clearwater Spas service team will fill your new tub and add Pearl Watercare for you the first time your tub is filled, if that’s your choice of water care product.

Print these instructions and place in your hot tub notebook for when you are refilling your hot tub  with fresh water.

First, shake the bottle thoroughly before each use and dosage into hot tub. *** It is recommended that you drain and refi­ll your hot tub when switching to Pearl™ Hot Tub Watercare for optimum cleaning performance and to clean out existing sludge and calcium build-up.

  • Balance your water ­first. – Keep Alkalinity over 100, pH above 7.0 and calcium hardness between 150 and 400 ppm. – Add One Dose of Stain and Scale Control (Descaler) per product usage instructions while filling your hot tub (descaler is required each time you ­fill your hot tub… not weekly) If Calcium hardness is above 400 ppm use additional Stain and scale per dealer recommendation. – Once fi­lled, turn the power on and run all pumps on full. Set the temperature… –
  • Put sanitizer (Bromine or Chlorine) in hot tub per usage instructions – Once Heated, add your ­first dose of Pearl™ (see label on bottle for proper dosage amount).

That’s it! You are done and ready to enjoy!

We recommend rinsing your ­filter(s) 2 times per week for the ­first 2 weeks of operation if you are switching from another water conditioner. Pearl™ will work hard to remove buildup from your equipment left by other products. If you are working with a fresh tub of water, rinse your filters with a garden hose sprayer once a week.

Pearl™ Hot Tub Watercare leaves your acrylic squeaky clean. You can feel the difference when you run your bare feet along the floor of the hot tub. Many of our customers use Pearl™ and they love it.

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