PEARL WATERCARE: A Safe Natural Hot Tub Water Conditioner

2xbottlesPearl Watercare is an environmentally friendly liquid additive that helps condition your hot tub and give it that squeaky clean sound when you run your feet over the bottom. You know your hot tub is clean when that happens. It’s safe for your skin and is even used to bathe burn victims in specialized hospitals.

Pearl Watercare prevents bacteria from sticking to the surfaces of your tub and it’s components. Then it takes the bacteria and clumps it together, so your filter will hold on to it. Until now, your filter has never worked so much or so well. Rinse your filter once a week, and you’ll see how well Pearl is working.

Because the bacteria is always trapped and rinsed away, you can reduce your chlorine to 1.5ppm—half the usual amount.  Pearl Watercare has been tested and passed Government regulations at this level.  It has also been approved by the world-renowned Kema institute.

There is nothing on the market that holds pH and Total Alkalinity in place like Pearl. Best of all,  Pearl Watercare is pH neutral so it doesn’t affect your pH or Total Alkalinity.  Once balanced on a fresh fill, both Total Alkalinity and the pH will generally go down together as you use your hot tub.  Add Total Alkalinity increaser and you’ll raise both—saving you money.  Maintain 120ppm for Alkalinity and 7.5 for pH.

You will also need to pay attention to Calcium hardness.  Water naturally prefers the calcium level to be approximately 200ppm.  If much lower, use a calcium increaser to keep it between 150-200ppm.  If the calcium is reading between 200 – 400, Pearl will prevent the calcium adhering to the hot tub (better known as scaling), so it works like stain and scale solutions. If your calcium is much higher than 200ppm, add additional scale remover.

PEARL in a nutshell

Pearl Watercare is an inorganic salt and mineral liquid additive. It…..

  1. Prevents adhering: The ingredients work together to prevent biofilm and scale from adhering to hot tub surfaces. There is no other product in the industry that has proven to do so.
  2. Reduces the amount of chlorine required to 1.5ppm: Because biofilm and bacteria can’t stick, they are filtered out.  By removing the bacteria from the water, you can reduce the chlorine or bromine residual to 1.5ppm.
  3. PH neutral: Upon fill, balance the Alkalinity (120ppm) and pH (7.5) as usual. As you use your hot tub, the Total Alkalinity will go down. Pearl generally keeps them in line with each other. Maintain Total Alkalinity between 100 and 120ppm and the pH should be in range as well.
  4. Keeps water clear: Pearl makes bacteria and dissolved solids stick together so they are big enough for the filter to catch them. Crystal clear water is the result. Because your filter is catching more materials, you’ll need to rinse it once a week.
  5. Environmentally friendly. These ingredients are natural and safe for your skin. Along with that, you can maintain chlorine at 1.5ppm, so your hot tub water is safe to drain onto your lawn or in city drains.
  6. Gentle on sensitive skin types and those with eczema: The salt in Pearl Watercare is a natural healer. It also prevents bacteria from adhering to your skin. The best time for you to apply skin medication is right after using your hot tub when treated with Pearl Watercare. (We don’t encourage drinking the water, but being that it is so gentle, if your children get a mouthful, think of it as their mouth is only cleaner.)
  7. Soft scent. Pearl’s concentrated scent of (lavender)leaves your hot tub smelling crisp and fresh. If you desire, you may use additional aromatherapy hot tub salts.  The combination of the two create a these are quite compatible.

 Pearl Watercare is available at Clearwater Spas. We keep plenty in stock and our customers love it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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