Pearl Watercare: Maintenance

2xbottlesTo keep your hot tub sparking clean, set aside a specific time every week to take care of your hot tub maintenance, such as every Sunday afternoon or every Friday night.

1- Add recommended dosage of Pearl™ weekly (same day every week… never overdose)

2- Maintain sufficient sanitizer in your hot tub at all times.  Sanitizer usage depends on the amount of people bathing in it.

spray cleaning filter

3- Rinse your filters with water pressure to remove organic contaminants and chloramines. This can be your garden hose with a spray fitting on it.


• Soak and De-Calcify your filters each monthly
• If your spa IS NOT Equipped with a 24 hour circulating pump, set your Filter Cycle for a minimum of 8 hours of filtration per day. (4 hours in the morning – 4 hours in the evening)
• If your water is foaming / yellow/green/smelly: You should increase sanitizer levels .
• To fix this situation immediately, Shock with Chlorine (Dichlor or Liquid)If the water is cloudy; Rinse or Soak your filters more often!

TEST YOUR WATER EVERY MONTH with your hot tub dealer. Bring a sample into Clearwater spas and we will test it for you.

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