Sauna: Affordable and Highly Effective for Good Health

saunaFor overall wellness, nothing matches a sauna. For thousands of years, those in Scandanavia, Asia, and parts of Europe have seen a sauna as a daily part of life, a necessary appliance like a refrigerator or vacuum cleaner. The health benefits are broad and deep.

Here are a few:

    1. Relaxation of aching muscles and painful joints—heat releases pain-reducing endorphins and melts away tension that comes from bracing against pain

  1. Soothing the mind and relieving stress—your own isolation chamber free from jangling phones, family tension, and work pressures
  2. Improving natural sleep—raising the body temperature about an hour before bed brings on a healthy, restoring sleep
  3. Flush out toxins—heavy metals, pollution, preservatives, and other system-clogging gunk have to go away in the sauna. Sweating relieves the body of so much more than other forms of elimination within the human structure.
  4. Clear the skin—profuse sweating pushes all dirt and toxins from the skin, producing a clear and healthy glow
  5. Improve heart function and lower blood pressure—as body temperatures rise, the heart pumps faster giving an aerobic workout while sitting still, blood vessels expand and blood pressure naturally lowers
  6. Burn calories—as many as 300 calories burn away from the process sweating and raised heart rate
  7. Boost the immune system and relieve congestion—white blood cells increase to fight off illness
  8. Social meeting place—a private retreat for relaxing with family and friends
  9. Make you feel good—a sauna not only feels good, it’s good for you so you feel better, look better and sleep better.

With nothing to leak, no watercare maintenance, and a 110V plug-in, the sauna is the next big thing. Affordable and effective.

Just 15 minutes morning and night will show dramatic improvement in energy levels, stress reduction, and overall good health in as little as 2 weeks. Often sooner.

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