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Cutting Edge research about the body and hot water


Why do we say “Ahhh…” when sinking deep into warm water? Our entire being feels a wonderful sensation–mind body and soul–from this complete relaxation.

Could it be that soaking in a hot tub is like a mini-vacation in our original womb-immersed state? This break from the harsh outside world is good for us psychologically and physically to relieve stress, improve sleep, and speed healing. It just doesn’t get better.

Click Here to read the full article “The Science Behind the Soak: Your Hydrotherapy Prescription for Healing” by Laurie Batter.


Free Flip Book available from National Swimming Pool Foundation

FlipBookimageThe NSPF, a non-profit organization, has released this incredibly cool flip book about the benefits of hot water to the body. It has blue circles inside it that you can click on to bring up actual research articles and YouTube videos backing up their findings.

Even if you aren’t interested in the topic, this flip book is the coolest digital ebook I’ve ever seen. Beautiful and very interactive. Click here to take a look at the flip book.


Getting into Hot Water: Healthy and Healing


While it’s a good time getting into a warm tub filled with bubbling water, the health benefits are great. Relaxation of tense muscles and quieting of the mind are only the beginning. Those beautiful bubbles combine with swirling motion to produce pain relief and increase flexibility for arthritis sufferers as well as others who have physical challenges. Continue reading Getting into Hot Water: Healthy and Healing