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Hot Tub Terms: Your Glossary of Spa Jargon

Acrylic: a product used to make hot tub interiors

Air Leak: what happens when a pump has a crack on the suction side so it draws air into the water. This can damage the pump and the filter. If your water has a lot of foam and anti-foam isn’t working, this could be the reason.

Algae: microscopic plant life that grows in unbalanced hot tub water where the cover is off a lot

Alkalinity: (see Total Alkalinity) a measure of how much buffering agent is in your water

Anti-foam: a chemical which reduces or eliminates foaming.

Biguanides: (pronounced By-GUAN-eyed) sanitizer that is part of a non-chlorine and non-bromine water treatment system.

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Taking Care of Your Hot Tub Cover

Caldera-2013-CoverLifter-ProLift II

How Should I Take Care of My Hot Tub Cover? Your Hot Tub Cover faces the elements day in and day out—sun, wind, rain, snow, and daily wear and tear from opening and closing. Here is a free download that will help you with answers to questions like:

  • How often should I clean my cover?
  • How should I clean it?
  • What if I see mildew?
  • What’s the best way to condition the cover to keep it lasting longer?… and more.

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