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Hot Tub Safety

Caldera-Utopia-2012-Cantabria-Lifestyle-Pearl-Espresso-41One of the most relaxing parts of life is lounging in a warm, bubbling hot tub. Stress and tension seem to melt away, and we come out feeling renewed. With a healthy regard for basic safety, and a dose of common sense, hot tub ownership can improve your health and your quality of life. Read below for some helpful safety tips.

Sanitizer & Water Balance

Do not enter a hot tub unless you know that the sanitizer level is adequate to keep the water healthy and free of harmful microorganisms. Maintaining the Total Alkalinity (TA) and pH for proper water balance, and regular shocking of the water will make your sanitizer much more effective in controlling bacteria.

Use the appropriate test strips to monitor TA and pH, as well as the sanitizer level.

Chemicals & Spa Supplies

Chemicals, additives and cleaning compounds are best kept Continue reading Hot Tub Safety