Water Care: Why is my hot tub water cloudy?



Cloudy water is unsettling. It looks strange and makes everyone think twice about getting in.



Here are several reasons for cloudy water:

  1. No free chlorine
  2. Incorrect pH
  3. Total Alkalinity (TA) is incorrect
  4. Poor filtration—are your filters dirty?
  5. Detergent residue in clothing

All these have an overriding reason: failing to test regularly.

Water clarifier can help, but first test your water and add the appropriate chemicals to bring your water into balance. Pre-rinse your hot tub clothing to avoid detergent residue build up.

If your Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is over 2500 you need to drain your hot tub and refill it. Not sure how to measer your TDS? Bring a water sample to your hot tub dealer and ask for a water test.

Once you are sure your TDS is within the safe range, use these 5 steps to getting back into balance. It’s important that you follow these steps IN ORDER. If your test strip shows one or more of these items to be within safe ranges, skip that step and go to the next one. It’s important to only add one chemical at a time, wait 15 minutes, and retest before going to the next step.

  1. Total Alkalinity (TA)—buffer your water first to begin your progression to balance
  2. pH—add pH increaser or pH decreaser to reach the best level
  3. Add sanitizer—chlorine or bromine (depending on what you are normally using)
  4. Calcium Hardness—if too low: add calcium hardness increaser, if too high: add stain and scale weekly
  5. If your water is cloudy, add water clarifier

You should routinely add Shock once a week.

Pearl® Watercare or SpaPerfect™ once a week uses safe enzyme action to take away bio elements such as skin cells and sweat.

Maintain your hot tub weekly to keep things at best levels so your use of your tub won’t be interrupted. Set aside a time to take care of this every week and it will take you only 10 minutes. It’s a lot easier to do quick maintenance than to try to correct an out-of-balance water system.

If you have questions, call your hot tub dealership for personal help. At Clearwater Spas, we are always eager to help you with water care.

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