Caldera Spas

Caldera hot tubs are the ultimate choice in terms of comfort, performance, and style. Whether you’re in the market for a cozy 2-person unit, a mammoth luxury spa that seats eight, or anything in between Caldera hot tubs have an option to suit your desires.

Caldera offers three different series depending on your preferences and budget. Those looking for the most cost-effective option, while still retaining maximum therapeutic benefits, should check out the Vacanza Series. These models range from two- to seven-person sizes.

The Paradise Series models offer a few more amenities such as jet streams and seating designs. They include capacities for three, five, six, and seven people.

Finally, there’s the Utopia Series, the creme de la creme. From aesthetics to function, these are the most luxurious Caldera hot tubs in existence, featuring a model that seats eight adults.

Comfort, performance, and style are not just flowery marketing adjectives, either. Pure Comfort, Pure Performance, and Pure Style are registered trademark qualities of all Caldera hot tubs.

Contoured seats provide unique benefits for the utmost relaxation. Jet locations are specifically designed to target major muscles and high-stress areas of the body. The substantial depth of seating is also conducive to tranquility.

The efficient EnergyPro circulation pump is just one aspect of Caldera’s commitment to Pure Performance that will directly affect your wallet by saving on your energy bill. Their standard FROG water care system makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze, while the Advent control system allows for simple operation with the touch of a button.

As with any luxury product, visual appeal and additional accessories are a necessity. All Caldera hot tubs are designed to look beautiful, with no exceptions. They can also include conveniences such as steps, umbrellas, and the capabilities to connect audio equipment or even television units.

Choose Caldera hot tubs for your spa needs, because life’s too short for mediocrity.