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Cutting Edge research about the body and hot water


Why do we say “Ahhh…” when sinking deep into warm water? Our entire being feels a wonderful sensation–mind body and soul–from this complete relaxation.

Could it be that soaking in a hot tub is like a mini-vacation in our original womb-immersed state? This break from the harsh outside world is good for us psychologically and physically to relieve stress, improve sleep, and speed healing. It just doesn’t get better.

Click Here to read the full article “The Science Behind the Soak: Your Hydrotherapy Prescription for Healing” by Laurie Batter.


High blood pressure responds to hot water soaking

Here is another finding by Dr. Bruce Becker showing how blood pressure might react to hydrotherapy.

Hot Tub Disaster #2

In 3 minutes, here’s what happens when your deck isn’t supported properly. Always work with a professional to be sure your deck is properly secured and supported before putting a hot tub on it. The average size hot tub weighs 4,000 lbs without people in it. That’s like parking a car on your deck.

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