Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Spring and Fall are good times to drain and thoroughly clean your hot tub.  Don’t forget to check the cover, chemicals, filters, test strips, filter, etc. to make sure everything is fresh and in great working order.

Of course, the experts at Clearwater Spas are here to help if you have any questions or need more information. We carry a full line of supplies at rates comparable to online purchasing.

Here is a quick and simple checklist for you to follow to make sure your hot tub is ready for your soak sessions:

  1. Turn the power off to your hot tub at the breaker box.  You don’t want the pump to kick on when there is no water in the tub.
  1. Drain your hot tub. Take a good look at your tub without water in it and call us for service, if needed.
  1. Wipe the entire hot tub out with a tub cleaner.  There are many products on the market. Contact us for recommendations. If there are white water lines a solution of white vinegar and water (50/50) should remove them.
  1. Deep clean your filter or purchase a new one.  We have filters for sale.
  1. Clean the cover with a marine vinyl cleaner and a UV protectant. There are many vinyl cleaning and UV protectant products on the market, just make sure you are using one that is specifically formulated for vinyl.
  1. Rinse off the PermaWood cabinet and clean with a soft cloth. If you have a Natural Cedar cabinet, check to see if it needs some attention.
  1. Check the expiration dates on your chemicals and test strips…yes, they have a shelf life!  Is it time to purchase new ones?
  1. Refill your hot tub, turn the power back on, balance your water and enjoy!

Remember, the best maintenance for your hot tub care and balanced water chemistry!

Plan a visit to our showroom soon. Our experts are always here to help.

For more information, visit or call us at (302) 325-8800.

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