How to Properly Draw a Water Sample

A quiet body of water naturally forms layers according to many elements such as temperature and chemical makeup. Drawing a water sample from the surface of a hot tub that has remained quiet for several days will produce test results different from a sample drawn from a hot tub that has been circulating and mixing.

At Clearwater Spas, we offer water testing for our hot tub customers.

In order to get an accurate water sample to bring into the store, follow these guidelines:

  1. An empty water bottle is a perfect low-cost container for your water sample.
  2. Turn on the jets for a few seconds before taking a sample.
  3. Rinse your container in the hot tub water and dump it out. This removes any other substances from the container that could change your test results. Even clear water can dilute your sample and change the results.
  4. Stay away from the return lines when drawing a sample. Water that is just coming back from the filter will have different results than water taken from a more central area of the hot tub.
  5. Take the water sample from 12 inches below the surface. A bottle with a cap is perfect for this. Leave the cap on and remove it when the bottle is submerged.
  6. Completely fill the bottle so no air is trapped inside.
  7. Take the sample as close to testing time as possible. When bringing a sample into Clearwater Spas for testing, take your sample immediately before leaving your home.
  8. Keep your sample away from sunlight and excessive heat, such as leaving it in a hot car.

Bring it in and we’ll run the test for you. You’ll leave with a printout.

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