Ready to Become a “Tubber”? You Will Love the Experience!

Most of us have enjoyed soaking in a hot tub at some point in our life, whether at a hotel, a spa or a friend’s house. That instant release of stress as your body dips into the warm, bubbling water is all the excuse you need to hot tub. It’s the reminder of a serene oasis from a past vacation or a far-away tropical island they long to visit.

While the benefits of hydrotherapy are undeniable, we know that ‘hot tub’ means something different to each person.

Why do hot tubbers choose to take the plunge into hot tub ownership?

We asked our community of happy hot tubbers for their top reasons they bought a hot tub.

Here’s what they had to say:

To Connect: It’s their time to have real conversations with their spouse, kids, family and friends.

To Disconnect: The 15-20 minutes each day in hot water is their time to refocus and prepare for what life has to offer, escape from the stresses of the day, and quite simply, disconnect.

Recovery: After a tough workout, game, hike, or bike ride, there’s no better way to recuperate from muscle pain or soreness than a soak in your own, personal retreat. Fun fact: a pre-workout soak is a great way to get those muscles stretched, warm and ready for exercise.

Memorable Parties: The social butterflies in our hot tubbing community like to use their hot tub to gather with family and friends. Any gathering that ends up in the hot tub is sure to be memorable. Plus, yours will be the most coveted invite around!

To Boot Up: Make that morning routine really work for you! A lot of hot tub owners have made hot tubbing part of their daily routine. Have you tried taking your morning cup of coffee in the hot tub for 15 minutes of “you time” to start the day? It serves as the jump start some need to be their best self each and every day.

Are you ready to see what the hot tub lifestyle can do for you? Visit our showroom at 226 Churchmans Road, New Castle, DE 19720 and our team of experts will match you with the perfect product.

We service everything we sell and will be there for you if you need us.

Happy Tubbing!


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