Winter is a Great Time to Enjoy Your Hot Tub

Winter is an AWESOME time for hot tub soaking!!  Some of the best times to soak are in the winter months, under the frosty, snowy sky.

A few things to remember for a winter soak session:

Keep your hot tub cover reasonably cleared of snow.  You don’t have to brush off every flake but accumulated snow can compact, making it dense and heavy. While our covers are sturdy and built to last, ice, snow load and twisting while opening can cause damage to the inserts and strain the hinge.  Just be careful not to damage the vinyl ‘skin’ of the cover when clearing the snow…gently does it!

Keep the path to your hot tub cleared of snow and ice…this includes the steps. We want YOU to stay safe!

You may also want to consider turning your hot tub water temperature down a degree or two in the winter.  The difference between the ambient temperature and the water temp will be significant and a tub temperature of 100­° will still feel hot!

Wear a hat!  When it’s cold you want to keep your body temp regulated.  Wearing a hat will help regulate your temperature and keep your ears warm, just as if you were working outside in winter.

Stay hydrated. That’s good advice anytime!  However, when you soak in a hot tub you can perspire so it’s best to keep yourself hydrated!

Plan a visit to our showroom soon. Our experts are always here to help.

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