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College Quarterback Briefly Gets Away With Hot Tub in Dorm Room

In the spring of 2014 there was an estimated 21 million households that owned a hot tub, pool, or spa of some kind in the United States. In the fall of 2015, there was at least one college dorm room that one as well.

As a general rule it’s safe to assume college kids love hot tubs. What better way to unwind from a hard day of a couple hours of classes than to jump into a steaming high quality hot tub or spa? At least that seems to have been the mindset of University of California Los Angeles’ (UCLA) true freshman quarterback, Josh Rosen.

According to the sports media site and multiple reports, it was discovered in late October that Rosen had somehow managed to sneak a hot tub into his campus dorm room. An empty hot tub can weigh 1,000 pounds, but his was an inflatable, portable one, so very little hot tub installation was required. Still, it was a pretty powerful and gutsy move by one of the campus’s most recognizable and athletically important individuals.

The story first broke when a video by Rosen’s roommate went viral on social media. The video shows the roommate walking into the dorm to find Rosen chilling in the hot tub while munching down some food. It didn’t take long for another even more steamy picture to emerge. The second was reportedly of a young female student from the University of Arizona sharing the dorm room spa with Rosen. Apparently she had reached out to Rosen via a well-placed sign at one of his games and on social media outlets.

Perhaps Rosen was merely thinking about his long-term health. One 20-year study of Finnish men found that frequent sauna baths may help them live longer. Whatever the case may be, the school eventually made him remove the luxury attraction, but not before it spawned the idea for one girl’s Halloween costume and maybe a potential love interest.

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